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1. High-speed USB3.0 transmission, extending 4 USB for the computer, no need to re-plug.
2. The device is not queued, and supports wireless mouse, USB flash drive, card reader, hard disk and other devices at the same time.
3. 300MB/s transmission speed, documents can be easily transferred to each other, no transfer, instant transmission.
4. External large-capacity hard disk, only the Android data cable is powered, and the 10TB hard disk is easy to read.
5. Peripheral connections such as mouse and keyboard are not stuck, no delay, and the operation is more flexible.
6. With GL3520 chip, data transmission is faster and more stable.
7. Using oxygen-free pure copper core multi-layer shielding, high frequency without loss, faster transmission.
8. Light blue low light indicator, soft and not glaring, showing working status.
9. Compatible with Windows series / Mac os / inux and other systems, no driver, plug and play.
10. Multiple length options to suit different application scenarios.
11. With Micro USB for connecting external electronic devices

1. Input: 12V/1.67A 9V/1.67A 9V/1.34A.
2. Wireless input: 9V/1.67A 9V/1.12A 9V/0.83A 5V/1A.
3. Material: ABS + PC.
4. Power supply interface: Mirco USB.

Packaging accessories:
Air outlet bracket x 1
Dashboard x 1

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