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-Return loss: dB ≥50
-Temperature range: -40~80℃
-Input/output form: FC,SC,ST,LC
-Operating wavelength: nm 1310or1550
-Attenuation and accuracy: within ±0.5db 


-Simple,compact,easy to install
-Stable performance and high reliability.
-High reflection loss and low insertion loss.
-With attenuation fiber,it has good performance. 
Attenuators have the following basic uses:
-Relative standard:a relative standard for comparing power levels.
-Decoupling element:as a decoupling element between the oscillator and the load
-The catapult attenuator used in radar anti-jamming:it is a variable attenuator with a sudden change in attenuation energy.It usually does not introduce attenuation.When it encounters external interference,it suddenly increases the attenuation.
-Control power level:the output power of local oscillator is controlled in microwave superheterodyne receiver to obtain good noise coefficient and frequency conversion loss.In microwave receiver,automatic gain control is realized and dynamic range is improved.

Package included:

-1 X Hybrid Fiber Adapter Connector


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